It was this or learning about America. I already know stuff: Manifest Destiny, Teddy Roosevelt, Spanish American War, Square Deal, Trust Busting, Progressive Era, Jim Crow laws, Consumerism, World war 1, Red Scare, Jazz Era, Raciam, Business Magnates, Popular Culture, Wall Street Crash, Depression, Racism, Franklin D Rooselvelt, New Deal, AAA, PWA, CCC, NRA, Fireside Chats, WPA, Opposition to the New Deal. Whoo.
Sorry, no fancy summary for you this time.

1. First name: Alison
2. Were you named after anyone? My Aunty Alma, sort of.
3. Do you wish on stars? no
4. Which finger is your favorite? None, they are always in pain cause I bite my finger nails too much
5. When did you last cry? I almost cried yestderday when the washing machine man stole my money
6. Do you like your handwriting? It’s a bit ugly but I’m used to it
7. What is your favorite lunch meat? chicken
8. Any bad habits? I bite my nails too much
9. What is the most embarrassing CD on your shelf? I love my CDs but I’m embarrassed of my “hooked on swing” record.
10. If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself? Depends what mood I was in when I met me.
11. Are you a daredevil? I would like to be, but no. 😦
12. Have you ever told a secret you swore you would never tell? probably
13. Do looks matter? yeah 😦
14. How do you release your anger? Go walking aling Cooks River and shift my anger to hating ugly ugly rivers.
15. Where is your second home? Being with my friends.
16. Do you trust others easily? I think so.
17. What was your favorite toy as a child? My possum (not the puppet, another stuffed toy one)
18. What class in school do you think is totally useless? Guidance
19. Do you have a journal? yes
20. Do you use sarcasm? Yes
21. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? Yes
22. What do you look for in a guy/girl? Someone nice
23. What are your nicknames? Spally
24. Would you bungee jump? Nononononononono
25. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? If I need to get them on quickly next time
26. Do you think that you are strong? not really
27. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? english toffee
28. What is your shoe size? I keep forgetting… 8 or something around there
29. What are your favorite colours? whatever looks cool
30. How do you have it? ummmm
31. Who do you miss most right now? Everyone equally
32. Do you want everyone you sent this to, to send it back? I’m not sending it anywhere.
33. What are you listening to right now? I’m getting bored now.
34. Last thing you ate? yoghurt
35. Last person you talked to on the phone? Liesl
36. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? what they look like and whether they are mean or not
37. Do you like the person that sent this to you? I’ve read it off three different journals and they are all wonderful people.
38. How are you today? a bit cold.
39. Spell your full name backwards: eyak yucl nosila
40. Your screen name? Spally > *something about the Red Sox*
41. 4 words that sum you up: Currently bored, usually confused. Or happy. 6 words.

Describe Your…

42. Pillow cover: It has wombats on it.
43. Shoes: I am only wearing socks.
44. Favorite pants: 😀 I have two pairs – my cool brown ones and the “inner-westie-all-you-need-is-a-toering-you-look-like-the-chick-from-streetfighter” pants thanks are big and baggy and and BLACK.
45. Cologne/perfume: none
46. What you are wearing now: ordinary clothing
47. Hair: It is brown
48. has run away: Not for very long.
49. In your mouth: teeth and much metal 😦
50. On your mind right now: I am bored.
51. Wishing: I want to not sneeze anymore today.
52. After this: Pretend to learn about Mr J Edgar Hoover
53. Talking to: I have no friends :“`(
54. Eating: nothing
55. Fetishes: nothing
56. Something you’re looking forward to in the next month: Stalking Crying Out Loud and going away and seeing Leunig
57. Something that you are deathly afraid of: Nothing anymore 😀

Do You:

58. Like candles? They are groovy
59. Believe in love? Yes
60. Believe in soul mates? No
61. Believe in love at first sight? No
62. Believe in forgiveness? Yes
63. If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be? a well fed crocodile
64. What are three cities you wouldn’t mind relocating to? London, Athens, Tokyo
65. What is something you wish you could understand better? what I should do
66. Anyone you miss that you haven’t seen in a while? Jared

In the last 24 hours, have you:

67. Cried? almost
68. Bought something? I gave away money, does that count?
69. Gotten sick? I am sneezing very much.
70. Sang? Poorly
71. Eaten? Yes
72. Been kissed? Yes (by my papou)
73. Felt stupid? Yes, when I let they guy take my money 😦
74. Wanted to tell someone you loved them? Yes
75. Met someone new? I think so
76. Moved on? Not sure
77. Talked to an ex? No
78. Missed an ex? No
79. Talked to someone you had a crush on? No
80. Had a serious talk? I forgot
81. Missed someone? Yeah
82. Laughed? Yes
83. Watched a movie or TV? Yes
84. Dreamt about someone you couldn’t be with? I don’t think so


85. Best friends? Muse crew, Mysty, Jon, Sarah-Brad-Monica crew
86. What type of automobile do you drive? I drove my mum’s volvo once.
87. What type of vehicle do you wish you drove? A golf buggy
88. Where is the best hangout? The muse
89. Have a job? Oh dear…
90. has gone on vacation to: Fiji Indonesia Europe Japan
91. Do you like being around people? Always as long as they are people I love
92. Who? My friends
93. Who have you known the longest? Of my friends? Tess 😀
94. Who do you laugh with the most? changes. Probably Flynn at the moment 😀
95. Who do you always get along with? Muse crew, mysty, sarah
96. Who is the most trustworthy? Jesus
97. Has been there through the hard times? Jesus
98. Has the coolest siblings? I love my adopted siblings best
99. Is the most blunt? Meh
100. Is the smartest? Probably Flynn or Knell
101. Who is your role model? I think it would be mad cool to be like Jesus
102. What are some of your pet peeves? Commercial news programs
103. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with? yep
104. Have you ever lied to your best friend(s)? I think so
105. Ever wanted to get revenge on someone that hurt you? not for very long
106. Rather have a relationship or a hookup? relationship
107. Ever liked your best guy/girl friend? yes
108. Do you want to get married? yes
109. Do you want kids? yes
110. Do you believe you know the person whom you will marry at this point in time? dunno
111. What is your favorite part of your physical appearance? I would like my eyes, but they always have bags under them :S
112. Are you happy with your physical appearance? Sometimes
113. Are you happy with your life? It’s got a bit more improving to do.


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