How sad, it takes my sister threatening to leave home (again) to make my brother and me best of friends. I had lovely Serendipity music playing as my sister stormed back and forth, so when she was done, Philip and I moved towards the music and began imitating the band.

Philip sang crouched over with his hand behind his back.
I played bass with my mouth hanging open.
Philip Philip did funky dance moves.
I pretended to be the drummer enveloped in a cloud of smoke.
We both played much air guitar.

And then we sang “Everyone’s Man” over and over until we worked out the harmony and became authentic imitators.

Twas good fun.


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      1. Anonymous

        Next time you should make her a little packed lunch, and wrap it up in a swag for her. I reckon she’ll get the message.

        Btw what’s the deal with swagmen and hobos? How come a swagman is a majestic traveller, a romantic incarnation of the spirit of freedom, when a hobo is just a smelly guy with holes in his gloves?

        I think swagmen are overrated. And where are all the swag women? How do swagmen reproduce? The world of the socioeconomically disadvantaged leaves more questions than answers, and I for one am sick of it.

        Be sure to tell your sister.

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