So much has happened since I last wrote. I got back from schoolies on wednesday, but frankly I couldn’t be bothered to write until today. So, here’s just a list of stuff that happened:

We went to Umina for schoolies. Highlights included almost daily walks to Ettalong (the next town), Mysty’s birthday and associated shopping activities, variety store gifts and German Beer Drinking Songs tape. However prize for the most random adventure was our foiled attempt to attend a Serendipity concert. The concert was in Toronto, an hour’s train trip away, so we set off on our journey only to arrive to an empty church hall. The flower arranging lady inside informed us that the concert had taken place the preceding day. To make ourselves feel better, we called Sarah’s house to get the band members’ surnames and then tried to track them down in Morisset… Thanks to Romance Chinese Restaurant we found some possible numbers in the white pages, but now we think that they might have been wrong… seeing as they live in Newcastle :$

Yesterday’s adventure involved me taking Georgia into the city for her Schools Spectacular rehersal. We got there early, so we went to Market City for something to drink. She ran into a friend so I left them to be friends without an annoying older sister companion and went off on my own. An hour later, I got a call from Dad. Georgia’s bag had been stolen while she was in the shopping centre, which was not good. She was a bit upset, but there was nothing she could do, aside from inform the security guard. Amazingly, they found the bag during the day (or maybe not so amazingly – it was a dancing bag, and it looked suspicious on the arm of an old man). So all ended well, except that they had taken $3 and Georgia’s shorts out of the bag (but left the phone…how bizarre).

And today was Crying Out Loud gig. One of the weirdest ones I have ever attended, because the people I regularly attend such concerts with were unable to come due to work, family engagements and schoolies. So I went with Jon, Brad and Ken (if you know these people, you can imagine what it was like… :P)
I was missing our street directory, so I asked Mark (Crying Out Loud manager/gig arranger guy) how to get to Caringbah Baptist from the station. He replied:
“Don’t worry, I’ll get Steve (singing guy) to pick you up from the station. Give me your number and I’ll get him to call you.”
Except that Steve didn’t ring.
So we got out of Caringbah station and consulted the local map. It showed about 10 different church locations. So we set off, and went to every single church before we found the Baptist one – it took 40 minutes.
It was pretty ordinary until Crying OUt Loud came on, but I think that it remained ordinary for Jon and Ken, who sat there all night. Brad liked them though, he even came and stood with me. 😀 Yay Brad!
The band members remembered me, which was tops. Mark and Steve found me and laughed at our trying to find the church 😛 and I still think Mel is cool, especially cause she was wearing a Larry Boy shirt.
They need another trombone/trumpet.

I am heaps tired.
I might put schoolies photos up later if I can be arsed, and if Joel gives me my photos.

Everyone, my sister is in Schools Spectacular, and she is Wendy in the Peter Pan dance. So watch it on TV and look out for her! She’s in the second half, so you can skip the first hour and a bit.

Sarah make sure you never have work on a gig day again. And make sure you don’t work on december 11 so we can go to hometown throwdown. This message also goes out to Mysty, Kate, Lauren and everyone else who should be at this sort of thing.

I really need to sleep now. Goodnight.


4 thoughts on “

  1. pinhead22886

    *ahem* Who said guys cant find their way without needing to ask for directions?! 😛

    They were really pretty cool… Shame about the other bands and the speaker though… ah well… ya win some, ya lose some… 😀

  2. trekoholic

    Whoooo! photos 😀

    Street directories are good :p

    People who don’t phone when they’re meant to, aren’t…. grr!

    Ah well, glad you had fun 🙂 You seem to not have much luck going to concerts!! First Serendipity, now Crying Out Loud… I daren’t think what your next adventure will be :p

    Keep smiling 🙂



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