Tour was great. I spent lots of time dancing, and playing, and talking to kids who I will miss heaps, and hanging with cool year 12 people, and fighting with Ken, and learning how to shuffle cards with one hand. We won Priest of the Parish. We adopted Lachlan as an honorary year 12 student.
It was weird, though, because we were under so much control compared to schoolies. But then I guess it doesn’t matter really.
I got to talk heaps with the music directors, especially JO. I’m sort of sad that it’s finishing, but not absolutely depressed. Playing music is great, but I’m glad I’d already resigned myself to being a mediocre musician with no opportunities for ensemble participation after high school. Cause if I didn’t I would have been very upset.
I have 95 photos from tour, but I won’t post any more up, cause it might make the computer loading slow down.

And on to today’s saga…
I left the house at 2:45 today and met Jon and Sarah at Strathfield. We were on our way to Bankstown to see Crying Out Loud (again… I think that I might see them too much. rest assured there will be a similar entry next week). And Bankstown was cool, cause we met Lauren and her sister 😀
The band was already on the stage when we got there, but they spent ages warming up. We sat amidst large jigsaw puzzles that kids were putting together.
Then we tried to help the puzzle police put one together. They didn’t warm to our efforts to help out.

When Crying Out Loud were introduced, we moved towards the stage and applauded and yelled etc. Steve introduced the band and then looked over at us and said: “Hi to the guys from Croydon… Spally…”

And we got balloons.

They finished playing after 20 minutes. So to fill the rest of the afternoon
we drove to Brad’s
we went to Maccas
we went to Penrith
we ate Krispy Kremes next to the Nepean river
I rolled down a hill many times
I lost my phone
Brad and Jon found my phone
we drove to Katoomba
we went to the bottle-o
we drank at the three sisters (not you Sarah)
we got more petrol
Brad had to stop for toilet breaks at least 5 times
we looked at the pretty Sydney lights (not you Sarah, keep your eyes on the road :P)
Sarah and I bellowed along to Crying Out Loud EP
we went to Maccas
we got some random Maccas guy to take a photo with us and the Ronald-McDonald-on-a-chair
we dropped me home
I found the internet working. Yay! This is good news, because it wasn’t working yesterday or this morning.



25 thoughts on “

  1. albatrossy

    ohmygosh! IT”S LACHLAN!!!!!!!!!!!! Lachlan is awesome.
    ohmygosh! YOU”RE AWESOME!!!! tonight was heaps of fun, thank you heaps. there’s still 1/4 of the tank left..i think Jon was right, eh. 😛

    1. Alison Post author

      Tour was me going back to school for a week. Cause at the end of every year, our school’s senior orchestra and bands go away for a week and perform at primary schools and shopping centres and all that. The going back to school and being under teacher supervision was annoying, but it was still heaps of fun.

      1. ferrus_mortis

        *serious considers saying lewd pick-up line about making a new one, then punches self in head to retain honer and tips bucket of cold water over head to stop self*
        Ow! ARRRGH! COLD!

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