Hometown and other things

Well the plan for hometown throwdown involved a car of 7 enthusiastic young adults, and other people at the destination… like Lauren. But then stuff got in the way, like work, and wisdom teeth and people deciding to go to Hong Kong. As a result, our car load dwindled to three. Sarah, Brad and I made the trek to Panania, with only one navigational stuff-up on my part.

Our trial did not end there. Upon reaching the fence, we were stopped by guys from Winter’s Underground, who wanted to sell us their cheap tickets. So that was more unnessecary brain using as we tried to work out how to get correct change.

But in the end it wasn’t that bad. Sarah knew people working the BBQ, and Katherine and other Lauren from Narwee Baptist were there. And so was my brother’s friend, and some kids from my church, and random people that were at stump, like crazy Tommy. The music was cool, Sounds Like Chicken were mad, but I wouldn’t stalk them – the trombone man is too scary, and they live in Melbourne. On the plus side, they had a song about Pirates. Sarah and I did the Octopus Dance on a massive scale while we were waiting for Crying Out Loud to set up, and the night finished with them not being able to play extra songs. How lame. Their concerts have shrunk in length 😦 But their coolness has not shrunk at all 😀

And then we drove all the way back to Brad’s McDonalds and went through the drive through to order a paper bag and a napkin to wrap his present in.

Moving on…

Tonight was IMP night… last one ever. Us year 12 orchestra kids got to play a piece we’d only played once before, which was very exciting. Me and Sarah and Nadia went to the back of the hall to dance away the Stage Band’s last two pieces and were joined my a hoard of year 7s, 8s and 9s. I didn’t help pack up, cause there were too many random people to say goodbye to. It sort of worries me that I’ll never get to play music with other people ever again, unless I sacrifice my dignity and join some random community band – a path I have absolutely no desire to follow. So, I guess that’s it, and now my flute will just stay under my bed and gather dust for a few months. And then I’ll pick it up again later on, and search for screwdrivers so I can put my wandering screws back, and make a noise that sounds like wind, and then it’ll go back under the bed for awhile. And to think that at one stage, I would practice for an hour every afternoon, because I believed it was of utter importance that I passed grade 5 flute.

I actually got out of LJ, disconnected the internet and logged off this computer account, and then I thought – “I have something more to say”. So I logged back on, got back on internet… etc, and then forgot what my edit was going to be. But I’m making the most of it anyway.

You probably all forgot, but my sister was on TV tonight, cause of School Spectacular broadcast. Any Australian reading this – rap yourself over the knuckles for not switching onto ABC at 7:30. Unless you actually did switch onto ABC at 7:30, or you were at IMP concert. My sister taped it for us – I missed it cause of IMP. But, that’s cool, now I can watch the guys who sang 500 miles whenever I feel like it.

Next Sunday, I am seeing Leunig’s Carnival of the Animals, but I’m worried that the guys who are coming with me have forgotten.

I saw Mr Kitakado today at IMP concert. He came over and talked to me for awhile, and then I talked to the Deputy from Suginami – with Mr Kitakado translating. I was so excited that I could understand what the deputy was saying most of the time. It’s just that I couldn’t think fast enough to reply for myself. I just realised that that’s pretty much the last time I’ll see him. Ever.

I just called Jon, and his phone is engaged. It’s 11:40. Hmmm.

I think that last night, hearing people singing about how fantastic God is, and then reading other people’s writings about the stuff God does – especially from all the CC people, and KungfuTofu man… it’s really hitting me now that I’m so far away from where I want to be. I want to be back with God, I miss being able to hear him, I miss the feelings of love I used to have, I miss having in jokes with the mastermind behind the universe. Before the HSC, I was really worried that all the stress would distract me from looking out for what God wanted. But during that time of stress and angst, he felt so close. And all his people – people at my church, other christian people, they were really supportive, so it ended up that the HSC was great, because the entire time I had God with me, we were always talking and it felt fantastic. Understandably, I was looking forward to the end of it all, but frankly, in hindsight I have to refer to the last few weeks as a wasteland. All this nothingness has been worse for me than stress and angst – I’ve left God behind with school and schoolies, and I’m sorry to say that for awhile, he was only something that those bands sang about. I want to get him back. I want to get my life back on track. I want to get passionate about him again. My life has lost purpose and meaning, and all I want is to hear his voice again.

It all boils down to a terrible cliche – If God feels distant, guess who’s moved.
I know that some of you guys care. If you pray for me, that would be awesome. But even now, I’m heaps excited, because I’ve being praying hard, and I know that there’ll be an end to this soon. He gave his word that he’d never deny what we ask him. If we, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to our children, how much more will our father in heaven give good gifts to us when we ask? I love that he’s proved his love for us already – what else but love could prompt him to go through every sort of pain and death so that we could be with him? It’s been done, his love is proven, and I know for sure that he wants me with him. And now I want to be back there too, so off I go. 😀

Ha, I just hated on the bands for distracting me, but now I have a flood of lyrics:
… Your faith’s based on dreams, mine’s on history…

…It’s been a long time, and it won’t be long before
I’ll come running, I’ll be knocking at your door,
I will hold to you, I will worship you my lord…

It’s been a long walk home
And I’m gonna reach that door with you
It’s been a long walk home
And I want to fall into your arms.


21 thoughts on “Hometown and other things

  1. lostcharliegirl

    Yay for IMP concert…how sad it is the last one though. 😦

    We should have like an post school IMP barbecue day…just building up on your idea earlier on…like recreate the barbecue dinners of IMP concerts and then we all bring one salad or something. 🙂

  2. notforanyone

    ditto about the sorry.
    i am lame, i know.
    but all this stuff happened and got in the way
    and getting from rockdale to panania and then back again was just not on the cards.

    believe me, im sorry i missed it [those WU boys are hot]

    1. Alison Post author

      I heart you anyway.
      I cannot come to your carols, because I am seeing Leunig. And then I have to go and hang out with the neighbours for out street’s christmas party :S

      1. notforanyone

        oooh. i wanted to see leunig so bad.
        tickets are still available
        but i am rocking the glow-sticks sale.

        its okay.
        i will steal you away after christmas

        or maybe you’ll steal my sister!!

      2. Alison Post author

        Ah yes.
        I have a large adopted family:

        Adopted sisters: Erin, Anna (girl from school who looks like me), Peta and Mia (Anna’s real sisters)
        Adopted brother: Felix (yr 9 kid from my church)
        Adopted child: Billy the bass player from Serendipity.

        Please will you save me a glow stick?

        We are so rocking the comments.

      3. Alison Post author

        One of my friends has mentioned it to him, but I’m yet to tell him myself. 😛
        What a joyous family reunion it will be when the day comes.

  3. notforanyone

    rocking the commmenting tonight.
    but in yr edit.
    i know EXACTLY what you mean about God.
    because thats exactly where i am.
    i just couldn’t find the words to write it
    embarrassed i guess.
    because everyone seemed to have it so together.

    praying for you.

  4. quelle_fromage

    you and me, we’re the same!
    God was unbelievably awesome during the hsc, he sustained me and i think i would have had a breakdown without him. on schoolies i was able to spend some time with him which was great, but since getting home it’s been harder. the desire to learn more is still there, i simply skip the *doing* part (reading, praying)
    when i read your entry i was like “hey that’s me!” then started to feel very sorry for you and me. but when i came back to comment, i had a ~brainwave~ !
    the fact that you want to draw closer to God is enough in itself. your eagerness and hunger to know him more and follow him more is enough for God – “ask and you will receive”. i think i should take note of that too

    i feel happy now 😀

    1. Alison Post author

      I think I note a trend of people being not listening to God. Do you reckon we should organise some sort of bible study or something for the holidays, for just us, or for whoever needs it? Or is that too much of a hassle.
      Either way, I’m praying for you, my dear.


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