Ok, I don’t know what the time and date are as this is being posted, but currently it is 12:53, Sunday morning, and I am writing on WORD, not Livejournal, because my computer(s) belong in trash heaps. Our monitor suddenly collapsed in the middle of my interneting tonight, and my lap top won’t connect to the internet, because it is slow and stupid and about to be disowned. As I opened up Word, I couldn’t get a blank page – for some reason, it thinks that a blank page is a landscapely oriented page full of my mothers notes on the year three special attention reading students that she teaches. And seeing as this computer loads things at the speed of dark, it took me another two minutes to delete the text and turn the page the right way.

Man. I am going to disembowel this machine.

The original post will now follow:

Well, I guess I should start with HSC results, because it seems like the trend, and otherwise I will forget:

Biology – 92
English – 85
Geography – 90
Maths – 87
Modern History – 85

UAI – 93.55

Today was the day of our annual Christmas picnic for all our family friends. My mum and dad single-handedly organise it every year because they are stupid and somehow seem to enjoy the stresses associated with providing food and entertainment for 40+ people. I wasn’t looking forward to it, because (as I rightly predicted) every single person there asked me about my results. And every single conversation went thus:

Congratulations, Alison! How were your results?
Pretty good.
What was your overall mark?
My UAI was 93.5
Wow, that’s great! So what do you want to do with yourself next year?
I would like to go to Sydney Uni and do a Liberal Studies course.
Oh. What does that involve?
quick as possible summary of course. Can I go now?
Wow. What’s the UAI for that?
It was around 93 last year.
Yes. Now is the time for me to walk away and help myself to food.

I am so tired of explaining all this. I am so tired of listening to jokes about how I might not get into Liberal Studies. They are not funny. I was proud of my mark until you made them. I am so tired of trying to explain to stupid adults who are still thinking in terms of a HSC they sat 30 years ago that the UAI means nothing until the university offers come out.

I pointed this all out to my mother and then she got mad at me. I wish that all the adults would calm down. This isn’t even your exam!! Why do you care?? These results mean absolutely nothing at the present time, and I want to stop thinking about it. Done and done.

Slightly off the topic, I was talking to my uncle and found out that my cousin Jason just sat his SATs and got a lovely mark in that. But honestly… SAT? What is it? Isn’t it some American thing? I wonder why he is sitting it. And then my uncle dropped all these not so subtle hints about him going after sporting scholarships at a few different prestigious American universities. He’s only just finished yr 11, but he goes to SCEGGS, and that should be enough to explain the above, I guess.

Aside from the awful coincidence of the Christmas picnic being scheduled for the same weekend as HSC results, it was lovely. We ate and were merry. Usually Santa comes, but this year there weren’t enough kids, so Dave couldn’t be bothered dressing up. Instead he just put on the hat and turned into “Christmas Dave”. The adults got presents too. I swapped my juggling balls for a Zorro dress up kit. I have a sword!!

Hanging out with the other kids was great. There are 7 of us – descending in age: Me, Annette, Claire, Christie, Philip (my brother, yes), Stephen and Georgia (my sister, yes).And we’ve all known each other since as long as we can remember. For awhile, maybe for the last few years, I’ve felt awkward around them, I guess cause when we were little, we used to play hide and seek and tips and that was the extent of everything. But then we got older and developed some sort of personality, and the older girls always seemed more fashionable than me, which made me feel a bit self conscious and slightly inferior. And it scared me that Claire, who at three years old was scared of me and Annette, and would hang on to her mother for at least 10 minutes until she got used to my presence – she suddenly went out heaps and wore very trendy clothes and all that.

Today I didn’t care. I’m glad I’ve put it all behind me. And today was the first time in our grand Queensland scheme that I’ve actually felt sorry that I’m sacrificing our joint family holiday to go away to Chapel meet and Sonfest. Cause no matter how different we are, we have a history, so that even if we have little in common now, we still laugh about memories we share. It’s sort of the same with the Ashbury girls – we grew up and became heaps different. I think Kate said something once about how if we’d all met now, we wouldn’t be friends. But we met before now, and now we have common memories that keep us together and we’ll never get tired of laughing about.

I’m rambling.

Tonight we were out again at a 50th birthday party…nice…
It was the father of Maddie and Miranda, the twins from the netball team I coached. So yes, I chilled with the chilluns, even though there were other random teenagers there that I could have introduced myself to. But they looked so sullen, and the kids were watching the Incredibles! A lovely pirated version. It looks so cool, I’m still going to go see it I can’t wait til I can!!! And then we started watching a pirated copy of Bridget Jones 2 (which I still haven’t seen thankyou Sarah and Charlene 😥 😥 😥 :’(). We had the subtitles on, so we spent a lot of time getting weirded out by the engrish. But hooray, we got to go home, so we only got to see the first half hour or so.

And home was a kitchen full of mess from the picnic and two malfunctioning computers. I called Jon, because it’s just what I do, and then ended up venting my computer hatred into the phone, and I was actually a bit rude to him. Sorry love.
I’ll have to apologise tomorrow.
Yes. Tomorrow.
I mean today… whatever.


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  1. post_humourous

    yanno…i totally agree with this hsc results thingie…weeks ago it was like “they-aren’t-out-yet-go-away-and-let-me-enjoy-my-holidays” and now they keep pestering u

    and yes i know what u mean about liberal studies…i wish i have the sydney uni course guide book with me all the time so i can shove it in front of their faces to understand for themselves

    i won’t have the marks for the advanced or the international course 😦 – so i dunno whether i should take the psychology course (96.1 last yr) then transfer (it’d be my science major anyway) or do the basic liberal studies course (it was actually 91.4 last yr) then transfer………

  2. nymphetamine

    this is me not having a lot of net time and jsut checking out your result, and feeling rather guilty for not bothering to read the rest of what you’ve written. congratualtions:) you’ve inspired me to post mine on lj too. luv u spally, we must catch up

    –the me


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