Mad cool day.
I met Simon!! He has a face and exists beyond a computer!!
So yes, Brad and Simon and Josh and myself went out towards the botanic gardens, and ate lunch. And tehn we played 500. And then we bummed at the opera house.
Simon and Brad came home with me, but Brad was heaps sick, poor boy, so he slept while we watched Donnie Darko. But then Brad got worse, so we took them home just before the movie finished. Poor Simon. I would hate to watch all of Donnie Darko until the last 20 minutes.
And that’s really the end of what I have to say right now. Hope Brad’s OK. Simon’s tres cool. Josh ist sehr fantastisch. Sarah’s a bum cause she went to Ste’s and turned off her phone so we couldn’t call her 😥
Here endeth the entry.


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