Man, talking to people, and people are so lame. I want to show everyone how lame they are being and say “STOP BEING LAME!!!”

Stupid lame people. Stop getting lamely drunk and lamely having sex in public places and lamely spewing on other people and lamely cracking onto young women and lamely wearing short skirts which cry out “Please rape me!”


18 thoughts on “

  1. darvids0n

    Yes, people are lame. People who get drunk and have sex in public places and spew on other people and crack onto young women and wear short skirts which cry out “Please rape me!” are not only lame… but of course, I must not say, for it is not something that should be said. I will leave it at that.

      1. avieamaree

        or we could just kill everyone and have no ppl at all. which, in the long temr, might just be easier/better for everyone, esp the environment…

    1. Alison Post author

      Come on, only Tiff and William joined up.
      I still hold the power 😀

      By the way, this is not asking for a challenge. If you do get more followers, I will deny ever taking you seriously.

      1. Anonymous

        Random bearcub leunig drawing person also joined me (appologies random bearcub leunig drawing person if you are not random or a person).

      2. Anonymous

        Reading it again I don’t actually know if his/her comment was for or against mine but whatever. Lack of coherence obviously demonstrates support for revolution. Nuff said.

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