Spally’s post for Simon

Simon is gone now. Goodbye Simon. I would be heaps sad, except that in 13 days, we’ll be back with him, and David too, and Kylie will be with us, AND WE WILL MEET CAM!! (only Simon has already met him) and we will be so merry, off on our fabulous over-the-border adventure, meeting crazy people and freaking out a new capital city and stalking bands and stuff.

Without further adieu, here are some photos of the last week.

argh! trippy!
Man, uploading photos takes ages.


10 thoughts on “Spally’s post for Simon

    1. dumsum

      I drew a funky little thing on it. 😀 lol.

      Awesome week spally 😀 I’m gonna make my own LJ entry when I get half a chance so I won’t ramble here too much.

    1. pinhead22886

      Those are hardly the better photos… I took that one of the street looking down from the bridge, and probably the one of the opera house, although it may also have been Jon. Why take photos of the side of my head? How stupid.


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