Fantastic Day

You can read some of today’s joy in Clare’s entry. Basically it was full of us yelling through the city. Specifically, frwaking people out by yelling “PINK!” in a manner which suggested that we were yelling it at people, rather than just being stupid (which was what we were doing :P).

Finding Neverland was really beautiful, like Vanity Fair was. It was full of colour, and beautiful costumes and artistic shots, and a lovely soundtrack. So it was lovely. And the experience was made complete when I looked over at Clare to see her face swelled and eyes shiny with tears. Oh how beautiful.

Afterwards was fantastic. I took a bus to Jon’s and we walked through Gladesville Hospital, which is beautiful. But I could really only stay for less than an hour, so I took him home with me for dinner. It sounds really ordinary, but it was special, cause it’s one of the first times I’ve brought him home without lying to my parents. I know it’s really childish, but I’ve never really gotten over the whole 15-year-olds-are-not-allowed-to-date thing that my mum was so keen on, so I’ve never really been straightforward about Jon. So yes, big step: I called Dad and asked if he minded Jon coming over, I told him that I’d been with him all evening. And I didn’t have to lie, because suddenly I’ve decided I don’t care whether or not they approve. If they really think that I am using every opportunity to have as much sex as possible, etc, then they are stupid and really really misjudging my values. So yes, it was lovely to bring Jon home without feeling guilty, and without having to tell lies etc.

Mum and siblings are in Melbourne! Whooo!
University open day tomorrow! Boooo!
Saw a preview today for Bride and Prejudice! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!


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