Well, my baby arrived, my beautiful Bernard. He’s here, and he’s being updated with virus software, and all my lovely pictures and music. And by tomorrow hopefully, I’ll have downloaded messenger so you can all meet him and see how wonderful he is. Such a beautiful pice of machinery.

Your LiveJournal Pirate Ship by kisetta
Month you set sail JuneJulyAugustOctoberUh…YARRRRRR
Captain mysty_tyger
Mutinous first mate dumsum
The one with the parrot and the wooden leg smileystar03
The one with the glass eye godsghettochild
Makes off with the treasure morbidmythology
Swabs the poop deck skywaters
Is responsible for sinking the ship albatrossy
Gets marooned after a day notforanyone
In the end your treasure is divided evenly among those who haven’t commited mutiny…awwww
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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