There’s this lady who lives in our neighbourhood. She’s friends with everyone, and you would always see her walking around, playing tennis, helping people out and stuff. Anyway, about two years ago, she got bowel cancer and liver cancer. The doctors were really worried, but she’s been fighting it ever since she found out. And everytime I saw her for the first year, it looked like she would pull through. This year, however, she got increasingly worse. Her daughter, Rosie, is one of my sister’s best friends, so Rosie’s been spending heaps of time over here when her Dad is busy looking after Brenda. She’s always really happy, and smiling, and when we ask her about her mum, she always seems fine.

Anyway, this morning my mum got a call from the dad. Brenda’s liver stopped working completely yesterday, so they’ve taken her to Canterbury Hospital, to the section where you go when you’re going to die. Rosie turned up at our house a few hours later – still smiling and joking and telling us about how well her mum looked. Brenda’s only got a few days left, and Rosie is apparently avoiding the hospital cause she doesn’t want to see her mum so sick. I wish she would go, or she’ll hate herself when she grows up. And Brenda will hate herself too.

It’s so weird, when it happens, it’s not going to impact my life very much, but I really don’t know how Rosie will cope. And when it happens, I will be in queensland, and the rest of my family will be down on the South Coast, so… man, I just hope it works out, and I hope that Rosie pulls herself together so that she gets to spend time with her mum before she passes away.