It’s a special day, the first day in 6 weeks that I have had the house to myself again. Everyone has finally returned to school, and for 8 glorious hours, I am at leisure to listen to my own music very loudly, and watch Jane Austen DVDs and cook things and dance around the back room. To celebrate the return to this fantastic state, I made myself pancakes. Only I think I ate too many and now I feel a bit sick.

I got my braces off yesterday, whooo!

I was supposed to go to the aquarium with Chris and Jon and other people who I don’t know how else went, but I ditched them and went to Vroni’s instead. And we watched many episodes of Black Books and cleaned her kitchen. You couldn’t actually see her bench 😛 And it worked out inmy favour to stay there for dinner. This morning I opened the fridge to find food, and I saw the leftovers from my family’s dinner last night – tuna and pasta. *shudder*

This week is looking so full, which as I mentioned last time, is probably not a good thing. And I still need to obtain a job. Damn.

7 thoughts on “

  1. oab

    wooohooooo braces-getting-off-ness is awesome!

    And I love getting the house to myself. Its fantastic. Even just getting my own little room in residence isnt the same. You cant do anything loud. My roommate even chastized me for having my alarm clock too loud.

    I think McDonalds has jobs available. As long as you dont wash out after 2 weeks.

  2. smileystar03

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Do your teeth feel bare??!!! *dances* Having the house to yourself is AWESOME! 😀 I would of had it to myself today, but i went out and played pool all day 😀 Good luck on the job *hugs*

  3. vroni

    hehehe!! :)…*singing* spally has nekked teeth! ….lol..
    hope it’s all workin’ out for ya! 🙂 must be cool to all of a sudden have a cavernous mouth after being used to using only 1/2 of it!!! i can’t imagine….


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