I walked into my rom this arvo and there was a rainbow on the ceiling.

Max, the child across the road, has just started in year 7 at fort street. He was around before talking to Philip, and I hijacked the conversation and me and Max were talking for ages about school. Awww, I’ve become just like every other ex-student I’ve ever talked to, gossiping about teachers and asking after people I knew… Max’s mum walked past later on, and asked if I could babysit. YAY!! Money for me!! But oh… I miss school now 😥

Argh, I so badly need a job. When dad gets back, I’m going to ask him how I should put a resume together, cause the odds of me grabbing a job like I did last time look pretty much non existant.

And now I have to cook sausages. Boo. I hate cooking dinner for my family, cause I always get something wrong.


10 thoughts on “

  1. forgivenson

    The rainbow is cool!!!

    Hey, if you message me, I can give you a hand with resume creation and stuff. Believe me, spend as many years on the dole as I’ve done and you learn a lot about making them 😛

  2. vroni

    once you start uni, i reckon all feelings of missing high school will only get greater!!! you miss having FREEDOM, and no work that you *really* have to do…free TIME!…etc..

    btw…that’s an AWESOME rainbow! :)…how did it end up on yer ceiling tho??.. . 😐


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