Oh my gosh the gratification of seeing my screencaps turned into icons 😀
Yeah – see my user pic? I took that screen cap (I’m not actually lonely, just sgowing off my excellent screencap). Oh yeah. I’m so cool. So cool. Gome. Yeah, and some wonderful person called madamevoilanska turned some of my screencaps, along with some of her own screencaps, into icons, and now I feel like I’ve given something to the austenicons community after leeching off it for so long.

Youth Group tonight was cool. Lovely time. I didn’t get to talk to my kids much, cause they combined all the grades together, but OI caught up with Michael and Alistair from school, and I met some girls from St Schols, which was very exciting, cause they caught the bus with me before. And after some of the leaders went and got maccas. But I found it weird being at maccas after 11 o’clock without saz and brad.


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