We went random band seeing – Me, Saz, Brad, Vroni, Clare, Mysty, AJ.

It was a very up/down evening, and for my part, weird. I’m not saying much else cause I’m afraid of what will come out. Let’s just say that the ups were fantastic. Thanks heaps Clare for grooving the night away to STR, and thanks heaps Green Square hotel for not checking ID, and thanks heaps Mark for organising lovely gigs, and thanks heaps Crying Out Loud for making me most exceedingly happy on the trip home.

And now’s time for sleep, methinks. I feel a little tired.

8 thoughts on “

  1. kungfutofu

    I live in a creative wasteland that awaits its savior.
    Does going to concert makes life cheerier?
    My only option now is to take an 8-hour bus ride to Singapore to catch Norah Jones. But I don’t have the moolah.
    I’m doomed to DVD concerts… forever… I guess.


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