So tired but must get today’s installment in, cause it was a mad day.

Kate and Saz came over and we read Hebrews and it was so lovely.

Flynn left this evening. The guys and myself drove out to the airport and paid a fortune in parking. It was so depressing. I would have cried except the guys were there. Flynn’s mum would have too I reckon. She looked pretty upset. It’s sort of weird that I won’t see him for 9 months. And when he comes back, he will be a different person, which is scary.

I tried to finish my youth group talk and discussion questions, but I got utterly stumped. So I got online at about 11:00 maybe to forget the fact that I am too stupid to do stuff for God (which is a lie, as I found out). And then I made that complaint to people. And then, it was so cool, I was talking to Adrock from the chapel, and he’s been leading yr 7 youth groups for awhile, and he looked through stuff and helped me think of questions and now it’s all worked out.


5 thoughts on “

  1. oab

    Good to hear its all worked out, airport parking is REALLY expensive. Park in the hotel next door (if there is one) and save some cash. *shifty* Ive never dont it, but my dad knows a guy who does do that.

    1. Alison Post author

      I have horrible images of him coming home and being an entirely different person with new language and new friends and will he have time for us in his new life???


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