Who’s allergic to grevillea?

Ohmygosh best day forever.

I went into uni today, it was open day for the Christian group on campus – the Evangelical Union. And oh my, it was fantastic. Just seeing so many people turn up, before uni had even started, before O-week had even started, ready to get into ministry. And it was great knowing people. I didn’t realise until today how many christian contacts I have. Being from a very anti-religion family, I always assumed that I was sort of cut off from these sorts of people, but it seems that over the last few years, I’ve met heaps of people through God. There were the guys from Fort Street, girls from Narwee baptist, a handful of people from my church, Alix my fellow crying out loud groupie, Alicia my primary school buddy who is now the student leader for the engineering faculty. And heaps of faces I’ve seen at Kyckstart and Stump and gigs and stuff…

But oh my gosh shock of the day was seeing Shaun. He used to lead STIVE back in year 8 and year 9. The last time I saw him properly, he was our bible study leader, and I was a small child, and he was stressing over failing maths in the HSC. Now he can be our bible study leader again 😛

Other shock of the day was seeing this guy, “Dan” (that was on his nametag). All day, I kept trying to work out where I’d seen him before. Eventually, I got in a conversation with him:

“Hi, I’m Alison.” *points to nametag*
“Hi, I’m Dan.”
“Have I met you before?”
“Yes. I’m Brad’s brother.”

Whoops. Hey, it’s not my fault he’s never been there when we go to Brad’s house. I only met him once before and he was watching TV and didn’t say anything to us beyond “hello”.

Anyway, today was great – I’m absolutely pumped. I can’t wait to meet up with everyone again, to be involved in all this fantastic stuff that the uni has to offer. I just hope I don’t get too stressed too quickly.


8 thoughts on “Who’s allergic to grevillea?

  1. smileystar03

    Im not.. Allergic to grevillia that is 😛

    Glad u had an aweseom time.. HOw embarrassment to the Brad’s brother thing heeheehee. At least u hadnt really ever spoken to him before.. 😛


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