Rah Rah Rah

We were at Williams today. It was good fun, we converted more people to Black Books etc.
But yeah, I felt overwhelmingly single, which was great (not actually, it was pretty awful). Man, it’s taking ages to get used to, to not have someone there. I whined to Clare, and we started writing a song called “Only single people can eat garlic bread.” I finished it off, an actual song, not just crazy lyrics. I’m so excited, I haven’t written anything original musically in at least two years. The song’s really stupid, tending towards bitter 😛 Don’t mind me, I’m a drama queen, and it’s late and my brain is weird.

Mark is online, hooray, he inspired me to make a myspace account, but I can’t be arsed learning the html to make it interesting. Maybe later.


10 thoughts on “Rah Rah Rah

  1. vroni

    hehehe!! 🙂
    black books is awesome.. 😉

    *hugs*..it’s SO hard to get used to being single in social settings…argh.. :S..i knooow what you mean.. :S

    (just don’t deal w/ it the same way as me!..hehhee..run away and move to the other side of the world where you don’t know anyone so you can start a new life…lol!!)


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