Two jobs in one day

My dad went overseas a few days ago, but I am still supposed to be cleaning his office. I cycled over there today, and was welcomed by my cousin Parry. He runs a security business and rents office space from my dad. As I cleaned, he was talking to me about how he wanted to expand his business, and he offered me a job (again). I turned it down (again). I really don’t want to be hired solely because I am a greek family member, and work in a company full of other greek family members (I feel so racist, but… meh). And also I don’t want to be a secretary because I am a very bad typist.

And the other reason I turned it down – I already had another job!
Because Monica called me yesterday and offered me a job at her mum’s newsagency (the one on Norton St).

I turned up, and was interviewed, and then I donned a work shirt and started learning stuff. Don’t buy lottery tickets. I swear, I sold hundreds of dollars worth of lottery tickets, and I only cashed 3 winning ones.

Anyway, after about 2 hours of work, Kingsley, from school, came in. And he was also wearing a work shirt. It was a bit weird – after 6 years of never really talking to each other, and now we work together. But, hooray! – the awkwardness was gone pretty quickly, so that was cool. And there was another guy who is actully a teacher at Sydney Uni, and there is a possibility that I will be in one of his tutes.

I bought a travelten without feeling guilty for using money – BECAUSE NOW I HAVE A JOB, AND A STEADY INCOME 😀


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