O-Week (O-3days) started today. It was full of crazy interesting people, and crazy inetersting societies and clubs. Apart from the EU (which I already joined), I joined The Film Society and the Inner Child society. And I accidently joined Student Life (another christian group), a church friend was at the stall, and she made me fill out a survey, which made me give contact details at the end :P. Oh well, it can’t hurt.

People, running into people was cool – there were about a bajillion people from Fort Street, and Lucy-Bec-Sarah-Hayley, and people who I met at the EU thing last week, and Tom, and Andrew, and his friend William who isn’t William Wallace but close. And also Andy – Deb’s friend from Sonfest, who was one of the Gymea guys.

From what I saw today, uni seems really loud and busy, and lots of fun, but a quick glance at my timetable brought me back down to earth. It’s a very good timetable – like Sarah, I get Fridays off!! But I have to add a whole lot of other stuff in:
I’m working in one of the kitchens at Manning every thursday arvo;
I have to schedule netball training for my kids;
plus netball every saturday;
plus youth group every friday night;
plus bible study on wednesday;
plus church on sunday night;
plus the job at the newsagency, which I haven’t got a steady roster for yet.

It’ll be fine, so long as the newsagency will be content with me only being able to work sundays and friday mornings. It’ll be crazy as, I have to be careful to not waste time and to stay on top of everything. Man, I’m so glad I’ve got God in on this.


5 thoughts on “

  1. oab

    You at least get a day off, I dont.

    Though I dont need to worry about netball (whats that?), or that youth group stuff, or whatever newsagency is, is that the newspaper?

    Church in the morning is better, thats cause you would normally be sleeping so no time is lost for work, its all planned out….

    1. Alison Post author

      A day off that is full of work 😦

      Netball was once called womens basketball. It’s a really tame game where you can’t move with the ball, can’t dribble the ball, and you are allocated to different parts of the court. And the ring has no backboard, so it takes more skill to shoot. Because of all these limitations, you have to be really fast.

      A newsagency sells newspapers, and chewing gum, and magazines, and stationary and lotto tickets etc.


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