Uni is progressing nicely. Today I got out of geography 2 hours early, and I got out of english 1 hour early. That was great.

Highlight today was lunch with Tim, Duck, Feiyi and Angela. AND GREG!!! OMGWTFBBQ I haven’t seen him since the last day of school (I like to think it’s because he was avoiding me :P). It was wonderful fun to see him in a distant crowd of people and wave at him and yell
“HI GREG!!!”
And a second lunch with Nick Leung and Dan and some of Dan’s friends. Lovely.

Because I haven’t been updating, here’s a recount of my recent times:

Philip is probably going to kyckstart. He paid and put in a form, but mum is threatening to call up the church and not let him go. In fact, she said she will as soon as I give her the phone number. This is why Philip is probably going. He will go so long as I don’t give mum that phone number 😛

I sent an email out to many people about the COL concert coming up. If you didn’t receive it, this can mean one of two things:
1. You don’t live in Sydney (excepting Jag)
2. I don’t have your email.
If you didn’t get the email and you do live in Sydney, then COME SEE CRYING OUT LOUD on the second of April.

Too much of nothing happens at uni. I am falling behind and staying on top of everything at the same time.


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