Man, so incredibly tired.

Today was fantastic. I spent two hours with Jon today, just hanging. Hehe, it was really cool. Friday and Saturday night, we didn’t talk much, which was a bit upsetting, but today was just great.
After that, still another hour to bum around, so I met up with a family friend, and some people she had met from her French tutorial or something. Someone had a paper, so we did the crosswords and Target, and I got the 9 letter word!! But those people weren’t as good at it as Tiff and Charlene, and at that time I had tremendous nostalgia as I remembered great times of doing crosswords in free periods at school.

University English… I can’t remember if I’ve ever bitched about it here, but it is honestly the most boring subject ever. I ran into Alix on the way there, so we complained about it as we crossed campus. But suddenly Uni English got heaps better!! I found both Tim and Ken in the lecture theatre, so we had a lovely posse. And then the lecturer came in and told us that she is going to change her lecture style so we can understand her. Whoo!!!

Anyhow, I am dead tired and need sleep. It’s a pain in the arse having Greek in the evening all the time. You can’t sleep in classes with less than 40 people 😥


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      1. pinhead22886

        CPA’s read the Telegraph… 😛 The only newspaper you’ll find in our offices is the Financial Review. Except in reception. They put the SMH and the Australian in there to make a nice transition for those client’s we’re acquiring from the CPAs… 😛

  1. oab

    You can sleep in class with less than 40 people, jusn do it at the back and pretend to be like sitting with your head resting on your arm. And wear a hat too.


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