When I was small, the furthest I could reach was not so high

ARgh, crazy weekend!

There was a fair bit of work. As a result, my feet are killing me and I have made some good friends at work, particularly Rachel.

But, yeah, the highlight was really yesterday, April 2nd, day of the attic gig.
I got home from netball at 12, which is very early, because I had a bye!!! 😀 The only issue with this was I had to wait around for hours before the gig. I slowly went insane, so I ironed to clear stuff out of the back room so Jag had somewhere to sleep. At about 3:30, Philip (who was also hanging out for the gig) made us a large afternoon tea. As soon as we sat down to eat, my phone rang. It was Tom, my friend from primary school. He was on my doorstop with Denning, a friend from my church. So that was a lovely way tpo spend the afternoon, just chilling with them, failing to get Tom to come to the concert with us tonight. Ah well.

From then on, our house just kept filling. Philip’s friend turned up. Then came Mysty, Clare, AJ and Nat. Then came Saz, Brad, Jag and Jo. Then Georgia decided to accompany us, even though she hates that sort of music. I had to take the little children (Philip and Georgia and their friends) on the bus, it came very late, and we only just got in before the show sold out. 😀 It was so packed, but so much fun especially when COL were playing. Brad and I freaked out some people around us with our exuberance, and Alix was there, and Jon was there, and Wilmo was there, and Monica was there, and Kate came later on, and about half the other people there went to my church. Geez, it’s a small world, but the christian world is even smaller. And I can’t get over how great it was.

AFter that, things got loess exciting. Jag and I could fit in the car with my mum, so Denning took us home. But he also went to pick up hus sister from work and then we decided to take Wilmo all the way home instead of dropping him of at Central. We go home very late and I was very tired.

Highlight: Accidently causing Brad to headbut Simmo, the COL drummer

Today, me, Jag and Brad had a lovely afternoon in the city just bumming around, visiting churches (such as the “inclusive” St James of the city, which was closed on Sunday, because it is retarded), playing pool etc. Brad came to church with me, twas cool.

Highlight: Having a lovely, not fluked run of pocketing balls in pool, three in a row, even when brad and jag were betting that I couldn’t sink them.

I’m tired.
I’m going to fail my Sociology test.
This is a crap entry, just a string of names that mean nothing if you don’t know any of these people. Let’s say it’s an entry for my remembering later on.


5 thoughts on “When I was small, the furthest I could reach was not so high

  1. vroni

    man!…i’m so glad to hear you guyz had a great time!! :D..
    too bad i couldn’t make it too.. 😥 ….makes me sad…
    (but, i still had a great time in melbourne! and…hey! 😛 ..i got free homemade pickles and HEAPS of north american candy..soooo.. 😛 )…

    although..still…that sounds like fun!!! 😀

  2. forgivenson

    Yes, lets! Cause, like…We just should. I should go to Sydney more often!

    *starts budgeting a regular deduction of airfares to Sydney from my pay each week*


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