I had a great day, my sociology lecture was cancelled so I got some extra bum around time, which I spent chatting to some student Life people (even though I told them I didn’t want to join any of their bible study groups), and then chatting to Ken.

I’ve been a bit of a moron, I’ve spent the whole afternoon and evening on the net (again). But I had an awesome chat with Wilmo, and now with Adrock (the random chapel guy). So that’s been great. I think I am sorting out my behaviour, after woeful behaviour around Ken and Alix (hehe) I think I’m beginning to learn about how I have to pull my socks up. Wilmo gave me a passage to read, it’s cool, I know I’ll be doing the right thing now.

Tomorrow is awesome wednesday:
10 – Geography lecture
11 – Chilling with Geography girls
12 – Bible study (with EU kids inc. Geography girls)
1 – EU Public meet

And then in the evening, Bible study at Em’s house with the guys from church. It’s already been said, but I think wednesday is the new sunday, a great day of bible reading, teaching and fellowship :P.


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