last kiss: Tuesday 2nd February
last good cry: About a fortnight after that or something
last library book checked out: Probably the book of Russian Fairy Tales from FSHS library
last movie seen in a theatre: Miss Congeniality 😛
last cuss word uttered: I do believe it was shit
last beverage drank: Water
last food consumed: Icecream and milo
last phone call: Dad’s friend calling about furniture removal
last tv show watched: The news
last shoes worn: Red thongs
last cd played: Who We Are Instead – Jars of Clay
last item bought: Bottle of coke
last thing downloaded: One of Cam’s photoshopped pictures
last annoyance: My Greek tutor turning up to class
last disappointment: Being retarded
last soda drank: Coca Cola
last ice cream eaten: about 2 minutes ago, with milo
last time trippin on drugs: Have not done so
last time in love: Blah
last time hugged: From steph at bible study
last shirt worn: My Jesus Week tshirt!
last time dancing: Saturday, at the ATTIC!!


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