Well Simon is in Sydney! Yay! But I have yet to see him. Or hear from him. Where are you, Simon??? You suck.

Today was pretty ordinary, until the evening. I went to my friend’s place for a youth group thing. It was a girls night, and we ate lots of pizza and chocolate and stuff, and watched a Hilary Duff movie, with a particularly moving script and musical score. Pfft. In all honesty, that movie had used up its quota of emotional music within the first 10 minutes, which meant that the rest of the film’s emotion came across as the most hilarious melodrama.

Hanging out with the kids was cool. I met some new year 7s. They are church kids, they go to sunday school thing, but not youth group. I told them they’d better get their arses to youth group next term (although I didn’t say it in such a mean manner). My sister came too, and hung out with the year 8 girls, so that was cool.

After that, I traipsed over to my friend Denning’s house. He was very drunk by the time I got there. And then he threw up a lot and his sister took him to bed. So I didn’t get to talk to him much. But twas OK, I made some new friends, and hung out with Tom. And now I am back home, with the pleasant sort of headache that is induced by a little bit of vodka and will give me a good night’s sleep.

I am waiting for someone to respond to me on MSN but he isn’t actually saying anything. Maybe he fell asleep? Ah well. I’m off to bed then.


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  1. mmaster

    Was it A Cinderella Story? Beccy and I once watched that one to laugh at; it was so cliched and stereotypical, it was easy to deconstruct.
    “Cliche! Cliche! Phallic symbol!” *Laughter*
    We are such nerds.


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