Man I am sooo cold.

I had a lovely day, and I am going to rant about it.
I GOT WORK DONE! Oh YES I DID!! I read stuff, and now I know what I will be writing about – I am writing about Globalisation:
Globalisation has led to a change in the global heirachy as nation states lose their sovereignty due to the growing power of corporations and intensity of regional networks.
However this is subject to change when I actually start writing it tomorrow.

So, that made me feel accomplished.

In the afternoon, I received a text message from Wilmo, who was on his way to the city, and so I joined him and we hung around for an hour or so. It was lovely.

Then straight from Wilmo to Emily’s house. And then back to the city with Em and the other girls from church for her birthday. We were very classy (if I do say so myself), or at least until the alcohol began to show. We drank, and then ate beautiful malaysian food, and then we drank some more. We ended up at the Opera House, Steph did a marvelous dance across the opera house steps, and Carmen and I tried to waltz, but she was too “happy”. It’s sort of weird that so far I have spent this weekend drinking with church people. It’s not quite what I would have expected.

Over the course of the evening we walked a long way around the city, from Town Hall, to Darling Harbour, to Circular Quay. Add to this the huge loop I walked with Wilmo before that – from Circular Quay, through the back streets of the Rocks and then all the way down to Central. My feet are sore, and I am very tired.

Mum was a legend, she came and picked me up from Em’s at 2am, so I could get to sleep in my own bed and wake up to do my uni work tomorrow. One catch though – I washed my sheets today, but no one took them off the line for me, so when I came home they were damp from the dew in the air. Hence, I am here, at 3:20, waiting for my sheets to finish in the drier. I would like to go to sleep now.

Yeah, I think I’ll do that.
It’s very cold too, a bed would be nice 😛


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