Chapel Meet

It was a lovely day, really. I found out a way to reschedule my uni timetable so I finished at 11 in the morning :D. And then I cought the bus into the city to meet up with the Chapel people for a spot of busking.

At Town Hall, I met very briefly with Alex, the random Town Hall guy I met the day I went to meet Adrock, and he told us how to get a busking permit, but we couldn’t actually do it, because of all the children under 18 😛
So instead, we went to Hyde Park and played music for ourselves, Mike and Claire and Simon being very melodious in their instruments, and the rest of us singing in a not necessarily melodious manner. Our group was added to – Mary and Saz and Vroni came. And then it shrunk when Mary went to Ben’s work.

The highlight, I do believe, was in the afternoon, when we started singing worship songs. These two Mormons walked past, and Sara waved to them, so we asked them to come sing with us. It was pretty cool. And then we had a chat about religion 😛

The bus ride home was sooo cool, I was listening and dancing to Less Than Jake, which is always fun.
this map hung up on the truck stop hallway door
is getting worn and I can hardly read it anymore

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Sara and Mike being so cool with his guitar 😛

Image hosted by
Viv and Claire

Image hosted by
Vroni and Mary

Image hosted by
Kylie, Suzie, Paige (oh my so cute!!) and Vroni

Image hosted by
Saz and Simon

Image hosted by
Josh and me

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Image hosted by
Mike, Simon and Claire jamming

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Image hosted by
One can never have to many pictures of Vroni pulling this face.


5 thoughts on “Chapel Meet

  1. waterphaerie

    I love the photo of mike looking very suarve with Saz behind him looking hyperactive. Twas a fun day. The mormons were pretty cool, especially the guy who spoke french. Interesting discussion….


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