Kyckstart was the most incredibly fantastic and exhausting time. Exhausting cause my friends and I had to cook for and clean up after 70 kids, and incredibly fantastic because of everything else.

Somehow, I managed to repeatedly run into heaps of people from Sydney Uni, and repeatedly run into Claire (sort of helped that she and the rest of her youth group were wearing identical green scarves).

But the talks, they were excellent. I know Claire already gave a run down in her LJ, but here is my 40 second summary:

Talk 1
We are a family in Christ! If we are focused on God, we share a passion based on something eternal, loving and steadfast. We should love each other like Jesus loves us.

Talk 2
You can chain Paul, but you can’t chain the gospel! God can change our lives like he changed Paul’s – we will no longer be afraid of ANYTHING cause we have the most powerful being working with us and changeing us so that we are more like him.

Talk 3
Being great is not about being first! We shouldn’t be trying to be better than everyone else. Jesus came to be a servant king. He came to serve us, he is great because he is humble.

Talk 4
The surpassing greatness of knowing Christ. Knowing Christ is the only thing that counts in the end. We will never be able to get ourselves up to God’s exceeedingly holy standard on our own. We need Jesus to do it for us.

Talk 5
Don’t look at the crap you leave behind. When you become Christian, you leave your sin and guilt and old habits in the past. We are on a new journey, a ONE WAY road to heaven. Don’t lose ground guys, keep working with God to build on what you’ve already attained. Press on, and we’ll get to heaven, and it’ll be sooo much better than here. We’ll have bodies that don’t break down on us, we will live in a world that will NOT be screwed up.

Talk 6
We are not thermometers, we shouldn’t be constantly changing our mood according to the situations we find ourselves in. Our contentment is not dependent on our circumstances. I am content in God. And that works really well, because he is unfailing and stable, and always comes through.

Well, that was the rundown.

Philip came along. He made heaps of friends, which was great. BUT even more great was that he decided that it was time he takes God seriously. He announced he wanted to be christian, which is great news, but I am freaking out, because I don’t know how I’m supposed to support him. But then, there are many great guys at church that will look after him too 😀 He also decided (without me nagging) to come to church, and then single handedly convinced my mum to let him go, both of which are unheard of.

Wilmo and his friend Andy (not the Andy from Sonfest) came to church. Saz and Simon did not come to church. So I guess I won’t see Simon again for awhile. 😦

I think it’s time for some sleep. I am quite tired.


6 thoughts on “

  1. waterphaerie

    That was funny as how we kept running into eachother =P Although I didn’t see you on the sunday (actually, i saw you standing up with your youth gorup doing a cheer or something) But I believe you saw Matt, who passed on hello or something, lol.

    That’s so cool that Philip wants to follow Christ and that he wants to go to church and stuff =D I guess for supporting him…just set and example and share any neat Bible verses you find, or something like that. I reckon it’d be really cool to have an older sibling share stuff with you (but not bible bashing).

    Yay for Kyckstart!! And the talks were awesome!! =D

  2. pinhead22886

    Your brother is an absolute champion! Im so glad he’s MY brother too now! 😀

    And your church was awesome last night. Oh wait, its my church too now, thats right… 😛


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