Today was sooooo unghetto! 😛

Awesome wednesdays are always really cool. My geography friend, Zoe, normally can’t have coffee with the geography girls on wednesdays cause she has classes, but they were cancelled today, so she got to hang with us :D. And then she came to our bible study too (which was a great hour spent with cool people learning stuff so much more interesting than anything else I learnt in class today :P)
EU was cool.
Greek was cool, cause we got let out an hour and a half early. My friend and I made good use of this time by going to the library with Tim and playing in the research library where the shelves are close together and the windows are very small and the librarians look like they might eat you. We pretended to be monsters and went up and down in the elevator. Because yeah, that’s what uni people do…

Today is Nell’s birthday! Happy birthday Nell!
And Jacob’s birthday! Happy Birthday Jacob!

Oh wait – it was ghetto, cause bible study was cancelled tonight. But I guess I made up for it with a cool study on Ephesians with Cam Dave and Simon 😀 Go MSN bible study.


10 thoughts on “Unghetto

      1. tibbycat

        Interesting. Bring me in next time you do an online msn bible study then 😀

        Especially since my car has died and I can’t get to my actual bible study tonight, grr.

  1. ex_falsitie

    it was you who messaged me earlier? i was so confused and then i accidentally deleted the message so i couldn’t reply!
    i’m a fool. but an adult one, so it’s okay.
    thank you!

    1. Alison Post author

      No worries. I hoped to run into you on campus today, but I didn;t see you 😦 I still have your present! It’ll have to wait, I guess 😛


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