Thursdays are so long. I can make them short, if I want, by cramming my classes together, but in the end I still have to wait around at uni if I want to go to Student Life (other smaller christian group on campus), because it is on at 5pm. And today was one of those days.

I had three hours to hang around, which I whiled away praying and sleeping on the front lawns. The afternoon, I whiled away chatting to Ken. Student Life was pretty good, I met some more people, and the guy who was talking was one of the musos from my church. We all went out for dinner afterwards. The food was good, but all my friends bar two went home, so the evening ended up being just lots of small talk really. I caught the train home with the guy from church, but then I had to walk home from the station. It was dark and scary, but I am still alive. Yay!

BLARGH there is one person out there making me so flipping mad I think I will go dislocate his knees.


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