It’s Flynn’s birthday today!
He is 18!

It was wonderful today, the sort of day that I would gladly relive many a time. I sat with some EU kids, and chatted until Paul (one of the EU guys) came, and he played his guitar and stuff, and started teaching me. I skipped my sociology lecture and we went to the Seymour centre, where all the music practice rooms are. Once we got there, we ran into Lindsay, this guy I went to primary school with and has turned into this mad cool guitar virtuoso, so we listened to him play awhile.
Paul taught me more, Ken came along and did his card tricks etc, we traipsed off to Student Life… it was a wonderfully relaxing day.

Sitting in the practice rooms today, I couldn’t help thinking about how much like high school it was. I used to sit in on people like Chris or Charlene while they were practicing, and soak up their musical talent, and pretend like I was a musician cause I could appreciate what they were playing. And my limited flute knowledge was my access into this huge world of people being able to play music, it was great. Today was exactly like that, sitting in a tiny stuffy room with two pianos, staring in awe as Lindsay played rondo alla turk on Paul’s $5 guitar. I didn’t know that people could play the guitar that fast. I was a pseudo-muso again, and it felt fantastic, going through the stage door, and running through the music corridors.

Man, I’m lame 😛
My fingers have blisters.


7 thoughts on “Pseudo-muso

  1. tibbycat

    You should’ve asked me to teach you how to play a few chords last Saturday, and well, three chords should be all you need to know for most songs.

    Unless you want to play really advanced songs, in which case I’d have to teach you a whole four chords :p

  2. darvids0n

    That’s the way. Soak up the musicness from the muso’s like a SPONGE, and then when you go to perform in front of a live audience just squeeze yourself and all the information comes oozing out.


    1. Anonymous

      Aww shucks. Thanks guys. Wish I could be back in the old land of Oz to celebrate.

      I’m looking to get back late October and I’m having a big bash at PJ’s so everyone come on down – I’ll be the guy with 6 plates of steak and chips and NO CHINESE FOOD!


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