I got stung by a bee today 😦
I couldn’t get the sting out cause I have no fingernails.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Alix and Paul tried to help. Somehow, it came out. And then after all that, I didn’t even come close to fainting, which was a waste in my opinion.

But here is some important housekeeping news:
This is really important if you want to come to Blackstump.

Firstly, a plug:
Blackstump is fantastic. It is a brilliant weekend of camping and music and God and not taking showers and doing the most asburdly random things. Check out the Black Stump web site. I swear, you will never have a better weekend. Even if you aren’t Christian, come along. It goes from the 30th Sept to 3rd of October, which is a long weekend and part of the school hols, so you don’t miss any school or uni.

And now the housekeeping:
My friend Jacob from my church has taken it upon himself to organise a group so we can get cheaper tickets. He’s asked me to ask all anyone who wanted to come with me to join his group so he can get the numbers and we can all get a discount on tickets. We don’t even have to stay with them if anyone is weirded out by camping with people they don’t know.

The tickets went on sale a while ago, and the longer you put off buying your tickets the more the price increases. At the moment, they are $75 I think (including the discount), however this price will go up towards the end of June. So if you are intending to come with me, we need to get our money in really soon if the discount is going to be worth it.

So yeah, if you are coming, LEAVE A COMMENT FOR THIS POST with your name and email (so many people are getting new emails, I need to know where to send stuff). This includes people like Sarah and Brad who I know are definately coming. I can’t remember everyone who has told me they want to come, so this is the list of people I am giving to Jake. I’ll forward you the emails he’s sent so you can register as part of his group.

And then the money 😦 Money sucks eh, but we need to pay REALLY SOON. Like within 2 weeks. If you could get the money to me by saturday 18th of June (the day of the huge gig at Padstow, if anyone is interested in coming to that :P), that would be fantastic. Please don’t give it to me any later, cause I need to give the money to Jake so he can get tickets etc.

Thanks so much for listening to my rant. I really hope heaps of you can come, cause it’s the most amazing weekend of the year. But even so, I am not going to hound anyone about registering and paying, because this is stressful enough as it is 😛 Get your act together, give me your details, register yourself into Jake’s group after I forward you the email, and scrape up some money. It sounds like heaps of effort, but it isn’t. I registered in 2 minutes, and as for the money, save for it, or beg your parents for some!!! It’s absoultely worth it!

20 thoughts on “

  1. albatrossy

    I’m coming!!!!!!!!

    lol, id laugh if that didnt work…in fact, if you see nothing to laugh at, imagine you see it, and eat an orange, i mean laugh anyway:P

      1. albatrossy

        **marquee style=”filter:wave(add=5, phase=1, freq=2, strength=99);”
        scrolldelay=”5″ width=”50%” height=”50%” direction=”up”
        *font size=”+2″ color=”FFFFFF”* I’m coming!!!!!!!!


        something to that effect:D i am the marquee queen!!!!!

  2. darvids0n

    AFAIK my parents won’t let me go allll the way down to Sydney, but please forward me the emails etc so I can take a look. I’m probably not going though. I’m not game to try and convince my parents to take me to Sydney AGAIN this year, they would explode if I so much as mentioned it. I’m sorry =( Please tell me how absolutely more awesome than Sonfest it is.

      1. pinhead22886

        Well it was actually a letter, but you get my drift… Not that anyone’s actually reading this coz its like a week old… Oh well…

        *wonders where he’s gonna get money for Stump from*

      2. Alison Post author

        whenever you next see me. Have you registered already?
        If you can’t get me the money in time, I will pay for you and you can pay me back.

  3. tibbycat

    Okay, it’s official, no one at my church could organize their way out of a paper bag.

    So I’ll sign up to this group thingie Jacob’s organized in the morning and give you the money tomorrow night at the COL gig.


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