Sick like a dog

I woke up today and realised that today’s Wednesday would not be at its usual standard of awesomeness. I felt terrible, and mum was yelling at everyone. So that was great.
Everyone cleared out of the house to go to school and work etc, and I showered and threw up. That was uncomfortable.

I went to uni anyway, because otherwise I would miss out on Awesome Wednesday. I just missed my geo lecture, but I couldn’t find any of my geography friends, so I sat like a nigel in Manning House and read until one of the guys from my bible study group showed up.

Public meeting was cool. It was on the Mary’s conception of Jesus. I was quite fond of the poster this week – a cartoon of this guy (with a J on his shirt, I presume it was Joseph) saying “What do you mean you’re still a virgin?!”

I was still feeling a bit crook after that though, and Alix persuaded me to go to the start of Greek and then leave. Only my Greek teacher was beautiful and told me to just go home, and I got a three hour early mark. Hooray!

I’m feeling heaps better now. I’m just really hungry. I’ve only been eating a bit of bread and dry pasta. Can’t wait for tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be better and I can eat tasty food again.


10 thoughts on “Sick like a dog

  1. tibbycat

    Hope you get better soon. Everyone in my house has been sick this week including my dad who took yesterday off work which he NEVER does so therefore he must’ve really been sick.

  2. the_sundays

    Alice here.
    Clocked onto your LJ through Luce’s.
    Sociology sucks.
    But semester’s nearly over.
    Manning Bar, Friday! Triple J live broadcast of Today Today from 3pm!


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