Jump on the Napoleon Dynamite bandwagon

Some cowboys were a riding, riding on the range
The grass was overgrazed there, and spotted like some mange
Buffalo were dead there, trees they all were too
And if they saw some injuns, they would kill em too!

Man, I love Five Iron Frenzy.

Well today was great. No study at all, except for me reading 5 lectures worth of geography notes. I did get my hair cut though, and I have an awesome chat with Toni my hairdresser. She is fantastic, the most passionate Catholic I have ever met. I love talking to her, because it helps me be less hostile to Catholics. Even if I don’t agree with little things she says, she knows that she is saved through Christ, and him alone, and she lives her life to show it. She is always telling her clients about the retreats she goes on, about the miraculous healings she sees, about the stuff she learns at mass. I haven’t had my hair cut in 6 months so we had heaps of catching up to do. She was heaps excited about Philip. It was nice, cause I was the only other person in there, so we didn;t have to be restrained about our enthusiasm. 🙂 Good times eh.

The evening was great. I helped Phil with his geography homework and we grooved to Crying Out Loud. Then Brad and Saz took me away to watch Napoleon Dynamite. It was hilarious!

7 thoughts on “Jump on the Napoleon Dynamite bandwagon

  1. Anonymous

    Hey, sounds like you just need to meet some more REAL Catholics. =) At least you know there are a few of us out there!


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