I have had a rocking morning. My friend Robert flew home this morning. He is one of my friends from school, but he is currently studying medecine in WA, which means he no longer lives in Sydney. So yes, today was the first time I’ve seen him in approximately a billion years.

We met at UTS at 8 in the morning and walked down to St Bennedicts on broadway to go to mass. There is a really cool technicality that allowed me to take the eucharist – I was bapisted, confirmed and received my first communion in the Greek Orthodox church, so I am am actually psuedo-Catholic and Protestant at the same time! Whoo! The mass was pretty cool, although there were only 7 people there plus the priest. They didn’t give us any wine in communion though, which was weird. I wanted some cleaning blood 😦
And I have two more churches to attend this week – Indiechurch AND regular church! Hehe, I’m imagining that indiechurch will be about as far removed from Catholic mass as you can get.

We walked to market city via UTS. I had never been in there before, it’s sooo ugly and… tall. But still cool. At Market City, we got some breakfast – pork bun and lychee juice for me and some other bread thing and peach water for Bobusan. And pocky. And strawberry fanta. And then we went to Paddys and bought scarves. Yay!

Sandwiches: They make the best friends.


7 thoughts on “

  1. darvids0n

    Sandwiches: They make the best friends. SOOO TRUE!!!!!
    Sandwich? Everyone like some, sandwiches? 😀 😀
    Well, at least you’re having fun dear. Me, on the other hand…

  2. Anonymous

    The Pork Buns are called Jiurou Baozi or Baozi for short. Next time you go say “Wo xiang chi jiurou baozi.” (Whoa shung ch-r jew-row bao-tzer)

    If they speak Putonghua you will impress them.
    (If they speak Guandonghua they will probably be offended because Guanddongren are stuck up. Either way you win.)


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