I didn’t realise just how wonderful the Gorillaz are

There was so much I was going to do in the holidays and I can’t remember any of it. This is to jog my memory.

Ride to Botany Bay
Get CDs
Burn uni notes and toast marshmallows over the flame
Practice guitar heaps
Clean out and repair my desk
Fix the stuff on my walls
Hang out with the kids from my netball team
Read the Narnia series
Watch some George Roy Hill films
Get a cork board and put prayer points on it so I remember stuff I need to pray for
Hem my pants
Read Persuasion
File my greek notes
Do my tax return
Upload all my youth group talks and games onto that site

I had a fight with my Dad tonight. It was pretty crap, cause I was being a bitch, and really really immature. Even now, I feel immature, cause part of me is blaming him for not understanding me. We were fighting over something really really insignificant, about housework. And the only reason it turned into a fight was cause I couldn’t handle the way he was accusing me. I am so immature. He is my Dad, he is supposed to tell me that sort of stuff. What sucks most about my behaviour is that I was totally in the wrong, but I felt like the victim regardless, and I yelled and carried on and blew everything out of proportion.

On Tuesday, I was talking to God and he told me to pull my socks up or my relationships will begin to show more wear and tear. He even showed me how to pull my socks up. I was thinking back to that conversation and came to two realisations:
1. Relationships showing “wear and tear” includes ones with family, and tonight was a brilliant example of how my little “insignificant” sin is getting in the way
2. I am being a hypocrite. On Tuesday I sat and listened to God tell me off, and I was happy afterwards at the prospect of putting my newfound outlook into practice (not that I am doing that very well, but still). But when my earthy father tries to tell me I am doing something wrong, I immediately take offense and get mad. Some terrible double standards. Behaviour towards my father…

So yeah, for anyone I was chatting to tonight, and then sudddenly disappeared cause of family tensions (you being Dave, Cam and Eva) sorry about that.

I am cold. I need to go to St Leonard’s tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “I didn’t realise just how wonderful the Gorillaz are

  1. tibbycat

    I suppose we’re all guilty of being hypocrites from time to time. But thankfully God is there to help us work it out so we don’t have to manage these relationship thingies on our own.

    Hmm, your tax return? That’s right, it’s tax time. Woo! Money!!

  2. panich

    aww i hate arguements over nothing. at least you had a self-reflecting moment to analyse your situation 🙂

    sounds like a pretty packed holiday too.

  3. darvids0n

    Aww poor thing *hugs* :O TWO DAYS! Ohmygosh I can’t believe it. I have a cold though, *cries self to sleep, prays for cold to pass in one day*


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