WHOOO! I got 77 in sociology! Which is just scraping into a distinction. I win. Well, I win until the other results come out, but I know that all those ones will be fine.

So far this week, I have merely been working, which has been heaps boring and also slightly stressful. I can feel my body start to fall apart, I have a bad headache and ulcers in my mouth and stuff, but that is just as much from not sleeping and staring at the computer as it is from working. Ah well. I will have a phat paycheck at the end.

And on other monetary matters, I got another group certificate, from the fruit shop. I didn’t realise that I was employed by them this financial year. What with the tax I get back from them, and the 12c tax I get back from my one shift at the cafeteria at uni, I can get a whole 20c back from the government. Grr. I want my tax stuff from the newsagency.

In other news, the great migration south of chapel people is just about over. Cam, Candace, Simon and Dave have all come and gone. Debs is still here but I don’t think I will get to see her before she goes home. It’s sort of weird now, I spent so much time looking forward to everyone visiting, now it’s just blank. There is nothing to be excited about now apart from Ancon, which kicks off next week. Actually, I am heaps pumped about Ancon, what am I talking about? But even though Ancon will be wonderful, this last week especially was so good. Living at Saz’s house, bus rides to Engadine, random bible studies, praying for each other, making t shirts, making pancakes, making biscuits, overdosing on british comedy, COL roadtrips.
Thanks heaps for all of it guys, but even more I am thanking God for giving me such a great group of friends who challenge me to grow and love me. You are brilliant.


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      1. tibbycat

        Maybe. Or maybe it mutated from everyone. It’s a biological plague.

        I know I sang “the drugs don’t work” at the picnic, but hopefully they will tomorrow.

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