My work week is over, except for the sunday shift. Yay! Now I just sit back and wait to be paid. The week has turned out ok. I have all my group certificates now, all I am waiting for is my investment details and I can do my tax.

I had very good + cheap pad thai with Paul yesterday. I spent 2 and a half hours waiting for him in Central station, cause he arived at blacktown station just as the bomb scare thing happened. But it was ok, I got lots of reading done. I have read three Narnia books in three days, and it’s been lovely.

Today I read the first of the new Harry Potter. I feel good, because all over the world, it is sitting in sealed boxes that say DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 9:01am Sat 16 July. But I have read one, because the insane man at work opened the boxes up anyway. I scrawled “Hey, hope you are enjoying the book” on a scrap of paper and stuck it inside the copy I was reading. Hopefully some little naive kid will get that book and think that JK Rowling wrote it, or something.

And tonight, random driving to the oil refineries in Kurnell with Saz. And driving backwards and forwards along busy to-the-shire roads. Good times.

I am going to sleep/reading narnia books.


9 thoughts on “

      1. m3ng

        Dude. It’s a book. You know.. fiction?! Does that mean that you have an issue with pretty much anything that’s part of the fantasy genre?

    1. Anonymous

      Oh dear. Yet another person who is happy to condemn the surface of the book, it’s simple plot devices, without bothering to read into the underlying morality. The fact that Harry et al are practitioners of “magic” are inconsequential, they are a simple given in the fictional world created by this authoress just as much as catching the bus is a given in this world of ours. We are practitioners of mass public transport.

      What’s important is that Good overcomes Ungood (or, to take a less Orwellian flag, Evil). If you can’t see this simple message then I seriously doubt your ability to understand something of the profundity that the Word delivered.


      Postscript: Spally knows I’m far from a Potter fan – just a fan of intelligent reading, and intelligent faith. No hard feelings. =)


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