At 10 o clock today, I was walking across campus with Ken. We were reminiscing about STIVE, which was strange, cause it wasn’t that long ago, and Ken isn’t the sort of person I normally do that sort of stuff with. It was nice though.

He reminded me of something pretty cool. When we started leading the group, back at the end of year nine, the new leaders were sitting in the back of the playground praying. We were asking God for guidance, and setting goals etc. One of our goals was for numerical growth. We asked God that we would have so many people coming along that we would need two rooms.
I’d totally forgotten about that til Ken reminded me today. The thing is that in year 12, we decided to move rooms because we needed more space. The room we moved into was one of the newly renovated rooms. It had previously been two rooms, but they knocked the dividing wall down to make it a massive room. So yeah, God had answered our prayer, except he had the wall knocked down so that we didn’t need to have two separate groups running at once 😛

Hehe. Such good times. Looking back and seeing all the times God answered our prayers then. So much answered prayer during both of the missions we ran. The time at See You At The Pole, where we had 12 or so Christians turn up at 7:30 to pray for the school, including a couple of kids that weren’t even involved in Stive. That was mad. Hehe. When we rain it the year before, there was only 5 of us. We were going to provide breakfast, but all it ended up being was bread rolls. And grapejuice 😛 hehe… it was like communion. But not.

Man, the most hilarious prayer answering came during the mission we ran in year 10. We had put aside 4 weeks for guest speakers, and we had secured speakers for 3 of them. Ken started stressing cause we couldn’t find a fourth speaker. He told us to pray for someone, and we did. And nothing happened, and we kept at it. The week got closer and closer and we still hadn’t organised anything. And then, out of the blue, Ken got a phone call from some musos from Hillsong. They were doing outreach stuff in our schools area and they were wondering if they could talk at our school group, on the day we needed a speaker. Hehe. That was pretty funny.

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I know I already put this picture up before, but a post like this deserves some sort of visual component.
Man. It was so good. I grew so much more as a leader than I ever would have if I wasn’t.


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