I have EXTREME pins and needles

Stuff I need to do:

Ring STA and explain to them that I am no longer going overseas before they get even more pissed off at me.
Write up all my new Greek rules for Past and Future tense and stick them around my room.
Clean my room.
Stop spending ridiculous amounts of money on chocolate.
Do my sociology readings to avoid future embarassment.

Today I invested in the newspaper. I am getting a copy of the Sydney Morning Herald every weekday for the rest of semester, and it’s only costing me the $5 which I paid this afternoon. Yay! It’s just like school. I intend to sit and do the crossword in maths at least two mornings a week.

“This song… I’m only going to sing this song if our horn players agree to sing background vocals. Are you guys going to do it?”
“mm… yep”
“This song is dedicated to my mom cause she’s here tonight. Yeah. And this song is by a heavy metal band called Vengence Rising, and the name of this song is called ‘Receive Him’. I hope you like it. Here we go.”
*3 second musical interlude*
“Thanks, that goes out to my mom. She’s proud of me because of the way I dress.”


10 thoughts on “I have EXTREME pins and needles

  1. tibbycat

    The trouble with the Sydney Morning Herald is the huge size of it. But still, it is a more interesting paper to read than its competitor the Daily Telegraph which has about as much newsworthy content in it as Fruit loops breakfast cereal has fibre in it.


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