A magical morning

At 9 o clock on Monday mornings, I meet up with Student Life people for an hour of prayer. Today, instead of dividing the hour up into segments where we prayed for specific things, we just had open prayer. An hour of random prayer. It was lovely.
And lovliest bit? We had God there, right there with us. I mean, I know that God promises that that happens everytime people meet to pray together, but I mean that he was there in a way like I have never seen before. We’d been going for about half an hour and then one of the guys started praying. I really don’t know how to describe what happened. I mean, he was still speaking English, but he was so eloquent, and he brought to light so many aspects of God’s character and praised him so beautifully that it sounded like a Psalm. I swear, I have never heard this guy speak like that before. I have never heard anyone speak like that before. It went on and on, glorifying God and edifying us. And then the Spirit finished up its praise and all day I have been in awe of how amazing God is.

I looked down at my feet and I realised how short I am in comparison to God. I mean, I am very short in comarison to the sky. And God is beyond the sky, so he must be very very tall. He could pick me up and throw me around like I was a rag doll. To him, we are like dandelions. He could puff lightly and we’d be blown away. How insane that someone that powerful, that far above us, that holy – how insane that he would be bothered to look after each individual person? Each individual, very very short and insignificant person. He is definately worthy of our praise!!!


4 thoughts on “A magical morning

  1. tibbycat

    yeah, it’s the beauty of the grace. There’s nothing we could do to save ourselves from our crappyness, but yet THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE still loves us in spite of our weaknesses.

    And I think that’s pretty damned cool 🙂


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