“Tell me a story!”
I have asked a bajillion people for stories, and usually, people say they can’t be bothered. Or they give me some ordinary one lined story about a cow or something. The real stories are few and far between, but I got a fantastic one tonight from Wilmo, who wrote me a real fairy tale.

Never underestimate my Jesus! “Be killing sin… or it will kill you!” – John Owen says:
Once upon a time, there was a most beautiful princess. Noone in all the land could compare her to anything. The most beautiful flower were too plain. The most enchanting song a cacophony compared to her speech. Yet she could never see just how beautiful she was… There was always a hair out of place, there was always a crease in her dress, and there was always someone prettier. No matter how truthful her servants were when they told her that she was the awesomest, she knew deep down inside she wasn’t. And as most young, rebellious princess do, she ran away. The king and queen were distraught… after all, without their daughter there would be noone to wed and that means no prince for the kingdom!

So he summoned all the bravest men of the land together and said “If you find my daughter, you will be made ruler of everything I own!” At this, many of the men who seemed disinterested in finding her at first pricked their ears. The power they could get from finding the princess was maddening. The princess was beautiful and smart, so she knew what her father would do… she proceeded to set traps for the guards. Only the bravest and wisest of men would be able to follow her that way. She deserved to be caught by him as it would take someone as smart as her to catch her.

Along the way, the princess found an old wood choppers hut. It appeared that noone was home, so she crept in for a bit of a nap. Upon waking, she discovered that the family were home… There was an old lady and an old man. The old lady looked as though she had once looked as beautiful as our young princess. Yet there was a spark inside of her. Her beauty was not based on her outward appearence. She had love in her heart… and nothing could take that away from her… and the princess could see that. She saw this lady was truly more beautiful than her. But she was not jealous. Something in her was changed by this lady… even without words.

She began to seek for who she really was, and stayed with the old couple. Together they were a great family… they looked after each other, they loved each other and they grew together. As time went by, the princess began to get a bit less beautiful outwardly, and by the time the men of the kindom had negotiated the traps, they didn’t recognise her for who she was. The men seeking power kept seeking after the princess, not realising they had already met her. But one man, he had not fallen for her traps and he had not been seeking her to gain power, was not fooled. Not only was she clever, but now she was more beautiful than ever. Rather than seeking power, he stayed with them at the wood choppers cabin. He got to know her more and fell in love with her more and more each day.

This did not escape the eye of the old couple who were very pleased. One day, the man and the lady had something to announce.
“We are the true king and queen… you princess are our true daughter. We were banished until the princess found a love of her own. The king and queen hoped to marry her to people as bloodthirsty as they. But we knew that she had true beauty… and because of this, she would find a man worthy to be prince… so we are proud to make you a prince, and proud to make you our son.”

At this the prince and princess were shocked and elated.
You know how the story ends… a nice kiss and everyone being happy.

The End


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  1. albatrossy

    thats’ beautiful. however in my cynical being awake too early for good health, its so sad…sad that people are so seeking after outward beauty, sad that people want power so much, sad that seeking inner beauty, in most circles is scorned, after all, you’re only beautiful if you wear the right clothes, act the right way…


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