David’s wisdom

*Name Protected* says:
guess what
Spally says:
*Name Protected* says:
you’re 19
*Name Protected* says:
Spally says:
Spally says:
I don’t feel it yet
*Name Protected* says:
oh, you will
Spally says:
I have to get up in 6 hours
*Name Protected* says:
I still don’t feel like it’s 2005 either


14 thoughts on “David’s wisdom

  1. darvids0n

    😀 YES! You’re nineteen today, dear. Nine. Teen. Although you’re no longer a teenager, you’re still technically a teen-AGER. 19 is the crap year between genuine adulthoodness and teenagehoodness.

    1. m3ng

      Happy Birthday Spally!! =D Have a good one. And if Alix doesn’t say happy birthday to you from me tomorrow, then tell her she smells, cos I told her she had too… =)


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