Birthdays are so rad

Man, I’m still stoked about yesterday. It was one of the coolest birthdays I have ever had.

– I got in at 8 o clock for maths, and found that my math friend, Jason, had covered the lecture desk with Teen Girl Squad quotes.
– My sociology lecture was cancelled, so my classes were done by 9:00.
– I spent two and a half hours chatting and doing crosswords in Manning.
– I got to chill with Elwin and Steson
– There was a whole hour of hackey with people such as Duck, Jason and Nicole. With my brand new hackey sack.
– The EU talk was fantastic. It was on suffering, and it was absolutely brilliant. And then
– Back to Manning with Brad and Alix, and Paul who I haven’t seen in a billion years.
– The bus home was a birthday gift in itself – nearly every single 413 friend I have was on it, and there was much rejoicing on the way home. – At home, we watched Ancon videos and Alix and I were in hysterics remembering the Night of the Living dead.
– Mark gave me a copy of The Elephant and the Balloon.

And Soulies was sooooo good! Olivia the band were soooooooo good! Chilling with people was sooooo good. There was Saz, Brad, Mark, Mike, Alix, Wilmo and Andy. And other cool people, like Anton and Karthik (who I hadn’t met before, but he was still cool). Man, the band was excellent, but even more excellent was the crowd! It was such a small gig, but they moshed and crowd surfed anyway. It was amazing.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

Sorry, no photos of Mike 😥 I got so into listening to the band I forgot to take my camera out for more photos. Please don’t hate me Mike.


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