Environmentally safe ^__^

I rode my bike into uni today. It took 40 minutes. I nearly got hit by a stupid lady – she indicated that she was turning left at a roundabout, so I pulled out. But then she switched off her indicator as she drove into the roundabout, and went forward instead. And nearly hit me. And she glared at me, like I was the one who had done something wrong. I wish bicycles had car horns. Riding through Stanmore was scary cause there are narrow streets.

There was tasty hot chocolate with Vanessa from Geography.
I persuaded my friend Sebastian to skip his sociology tute and get Thai instead.
Game of cricket – I bowled someone out.
Trip to Koorong – got away with not paying for a train ticket for my bike. It was raining and the carriage smelt awful.
Riding home from Ashfield in the pouring rain w/out any sort of waterproof covering.

Youth was fantastic. The kids totally trashed the room, but that was ok, it can be cleaned. The talk was on “How will the world end”. It was my third look at 2 Peter for the week, and it was GREAT. I am so glad God set up 2 Peter in my bible study and the EU talk ysterday, cause the kids were asking me questions that I wouldn’t have been able to answer otherwise. They had such great questions. Man, they’ve grown up so much this year – they’re really starting to think for themselves and question things. I’ve only got one more week with them before they move up to the year 8 group and we get a whole new bunch of insane and overly energetic kids. Yay. I’ll miss all these people though, especially the girls.

Watched Shaun of the Dead with Saz, Brad, Mark, Jon and Ken. Hehe. It was really good (although Brad didn’t think so).

Am tired.

Sounds Like Chicken gig tomorrow night!
Tomorrow night being Saturday.
Saturday 17th September.
Empire Hotel, Parramatta rd, Annandale
8:30 start, $10 18+

Everyone over 18 and living in Sydney had better be there, especially if I haven’t seen you in ages.
*Looks at Mysty and Clare*
*Looks imploringly at Mysty and Clare*


6 thoughts on “Environmentally safe ^__^

  1. tibbycat

    Maybe bicycles need indicator lights? Flip a switch and it’ll light up either left or right to tell the cars behind you which way you’re going. It can be powered via the energy of you riding the bike, so it’s very environmentally friendly. Hmm, I should patent this idea. I’ll make a fortune.

    I considered going on lj last night at 2 am, but the lure of sleep was too great. I felt like a zombie.


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