Sick like a dog

well after all my html tag font size equals quotation marks plus seven billion COME TO SEE SOUNDS LIKE CHICKEN…

I got sick


I woke up yesterday unable to move comfortably cause my back had gone insane, and also, for some bizarre reason my throat decided to become clogged up with grossness. By halfway through Saturday I had a splitting headache. Still I clung to the hope of going out – I got my clothes ready, and the bus timetable out, and washed and ready. I drank 10 glasses of water trying to make the head stop hurting (and consequently went to the bathroom 10 times), and I slept on the floor trying to make my back better, but in the end I gave up. I collapsed in tears and my mum tucked me into bed and read me a chapter of Peter Pan just like I was 4 years old again.

My head was better when I woke up this morning, although my back and throat were still insane. But work happens on Sundays regardless. Dad was a legend, he came in and helped me pick up all the bundles of newspapers cause he is really paranoid about me screwing up my back like he did. I was out like a shot as soon as my shift ended – off to the shire to deliver Wilmo’s birthday present.

The trip to Gymea took and hour and a half because there was track work and the trains were replaced with buses. Gah. The last time I went to the shire by public transport was the night that dumsum and my brother and myself went to Engadine to see Sounds Like Chicken and Crying Out Loud. Hah. It seems like that’s all I ever do 😛 Today was very reminiscent of that trip though. I sat at the back, eating bread, getting bored… except this time the bus was empty and I was by myself.

The walk from Gymea station to Wilmo’s house was ridiculously long. Only one side of Wilmo’s street has a footpath, which I thought was very shirish. After talking for two minutes at Wilmo’s front door, I had to turn around and go home again to make it back in time for church. It was a pretty ridiculous adventure, I spent more time on rail buses than I did at my destination. Ah well, it filled up the day, and lots of excerise with all that walking.

And now it is nearing midnight, it’s monday tomorrow (International Talk Like a Pirate Day – YARR) and I have to get me some sleep.


9 thoughts on “Sick like a dog

  1. m3ng

    You were missed, but there will be other times like… BLACKSTUMP!! Oh my, so much excitement… =D

    Luckily my body decided to wait until the day after the gig to get sick =P


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