Greek church is so stupid

ARgh at Greek church.

Today was the christening of my second cousin, Efstratia. It’s a bit of an odd name, but what can you do? I didn’t even know what her name was until today.

I went straight from work to the church (the Greek Church is a 5 minute walk from where I work). It’s a nice church building – they have the most comfortable uncushioned pews I have ever sat on, and it was really light inside, and smelt nice. Also, they repeated everything in English which was nice. But yeah… it was sort of depressing, the priest was at the front praising God and begging for His mercy, and asking that Efstratia would grow up and know his grace and stuff, but no one was listening. Everyone was talking so that you could barely hear what he was saying, even though he had a microphone. Also, everything he said was chanted very fast, it was very very hard to follow what he was saying, even the stuff in English.

It was sort of cool seeing the relatives again though. I’ve never really got on with my Greek cousins that well, cause they never really talked to me much, but now stuff is heaps more comfortable. I talked a lot with my cousins Jason and Stephanie. Jason just finished high school and he had lots of funny stories to tell about the things that year 12s do. I also got to talk heaps to my Aunty Fay, who has to be one of the best aunties in the world. She is taking me to the Bollywood musical at the Enmore theatre for my birthday :D.

In the true style of Parry and Joanna (my second cousins, Eftratia’s parents), there was a huge party after the service (for another example of the joys of Parry and Joanna’s parties, check out Aspasia’s birthday). They’d hired out a function hall, and caterers and stuff. The food was pretty mlergh. I was so disappointed – I really expected tasty tasty Greek food, but there was just the crap catered stuff that you normally get at those sorts of places. Ah well. Last night I went to the muse cafe with the girls from church for dinner, so I guess I got my fill of real Greek food there.

Image hosted by
Steph, Jason and Georgia outisde the church

Image hosted by
Look… I’m dancing…

Image hosted by
And so is Steph, and Aunty Marcia (next to me)

The coolest part of today, probably, was getting to talk to Steph and Jason about church. There was a huge bottle of whisky on the table, and Philip and Jason were slipping it into each other’s cokes. It was sort of cute the way Philip thought he was being so naughty 😛 I leant over and teased him:
“Oi, What Would Jesus Do?” and pointed to his wristband.
Jason thought that the wristband thing was pretty cool, and he decided that he wanted one. There were a couple of jokes about “What Would Jason Do”, and yeah, just a pretty cool conversation. I showed him my WWJD card in my wallet, and he had a look at it. On the back it says:
Never tire of doing what is right.
2 Thessalonians 3:13

“Have you read the bible?”
I was a bit confused at how to answer that.
“I haven’t read the whole thing, but I read it pretty much everyday.”

He turned to Philip.

“Hey, you guys go to church like every week, don’t you?”

He was quite impressed, which I wasn’t expecting. I’ve never had anyone be impressed by church attendence before. He was also impressed to hear that our church is full of kids our age.

Yeah… not much else happened, but it was still really cool to talk about it. Especially cause I was praying while I was in church for a chance to talk to my relatives. A very rapid answer to prayer.


6 thoughts on “Greek church is so stupid

  1. tibbycat

    (accidently deleted my first comment so replies to your comment here…)

    That would be a good idea except she was walking up to the front for communion with whom I presume was her boyfriend, and I was seated at the time so I couldn’t read her name tag from the distance. I’d have had to get up from the pew and walk up close to her which would’ve looked strange. Especially if it wasn’t who I thought it was.

    I’ll see if she’s at church next time. I doubt it’s her though, hmm. Unless she has a clone. That could be it.

  2. littleloui

    replying right back at you..

    yehp, i’m stumping, cannot wait!!!!!
    counting down, to a fashion…hmm, a lot of your interests are similar to mine, even if i haven’t listed them..hehe..maybe i should…
    anyways…be cool…!!!!!


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