Meet the family

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Before my mother married, she was a Larkin.

These are my Larkin cousins, only they aren’y actually Larkins. Their mother changed her name when she got married too.
They are the coolest cousins I could ask for, I think. We hung out today.

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Philip (actually my brother :P)

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Georgia and Macy (actually my sister and our cousin-by-marriage, or something)

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Playing football

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Me and grandad

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Drew is a grandad in training

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Grandma and Suzie

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Georgia and Kate

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Playing football, but less violently.

Sorry, about lack of chapel meet photos. I’ll put them up tomorrow!!

Thunderstorms predicted for friday 😛 Sounds about right…


10 thoughts on “Meet the family

  1. darvids0n


    I think you know to which picture I am referring 😛

    And Mark: It’s a playdough version of Spally, minus the midriff.


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